Repair and Restoration and Update January 2017

Repair of Chancel and Nave windows scheduled to start May 2017

In general the church and churchyard are well maintained by an enthusiastic community including many non-churchgoers. However, many of the major repairs carried out in the Victorian era are now begining to fail and a considerable amount of repair and restoration is required. In such a small parish funds are always tight and significant funds need to be raised to undertake this major work.

The community have rallied to the challenge and a programme of Fund Raising events are planned please see the

events page for further information. Your help and support are important to us and we would like to hear from you by the contact us page or you can make a donation at any time by clicking the secure MyDonate icon at the top of any page.



Whilst the tiled roof covering to the bell-cote appears to be in reasonable order, the timbers at the crown of the roof are reported to be rotten. The tie beams directly below the crown post are also reported to be similarly defective: the damage is attributed to water ingress over a prolonged period which suggests the crown cover flashing has previously failed or is still defective. The south side purlin which supports one side of the bell-cote has also failed because it became rotten and whilst emergency holding repairs have been carried out, the causes of the problem needs to be eliminated. Repairs to ensure the integrity of the bell-cote structure need to be carried out together with re-roofing and improvements to the cladding and abutment flashings to ensure that all parts of the bell-cote are weatherproof.

Repairs to the bell -cote have been completed but the clock workings need to be reinstated by Smiths of Derby.


The bells are not safe to be rung, due to excessive rot in the headstocks, which need replacing, along with the bearings. The remaining fittings need refurbishment or possible replacement. Once this has been carried out the bells should be fit to be rung for services and other occasions for many years without further major work.

Because of costs the bells will not be reinstated at present.


The copings to the vestry walls have started to slide downward and the perpend joints to the kneeler stones to the north east corner have cracked with the adjacent masonry beginning to start to rotate. The filled joint at the abutment to the chancel wall suggests this may be a long standing issue and whilst the former has not reopened, the east end of the suspended timber floor inside the vestry is mobile suggesting that the underlying supporting structure is rotten. The most likely cause is defective drains and these together with the above masonry elements and floor structure need to be remedied at the earliest opportunity.

Repairs to the vestry have been completed.


The porch roof is now effectively carried by the masonry side walls and as the wall plates at the south end are connected by a metal tie bar, the timber framed gable and corner posts have little structural function. Its appearance however is of significance and as these timber components represent the last elements of primary fabric, they should be repaired to ensure as much is retained as possible.

Agreement has been reached with English Heritage on the way to proceed with the repairs.


At least two of the chancel windows require re-leading as significant distortion has already taken place and loss of fabric is inevitable if remedial measures are not put in place. This work may also entail assorted repairs to the surrounding masonry. Minor repairs to the other leaded lights should also be undertaken as part of a single cost effective project.

Hereford have agreed to the repairs and we are awaiting a start date.